Tanzania – Project SHINE – Completed

Project SHINE is a collaborative research project between the University of Calgary (Global Health and International Partnerships) and the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences in Tanzania. The project aims to build the capacity of youth and communities to develop and sustain locally relevant strategies to prevent parasitic infection and improve sanitation and hygiene in Ngorongoro Conservation Area schools and communities. 

As part of its work, SHINE has formed a working relationship with the Canmore-based Rocky Mountain Soap Company to teach community members to make high quality soap.  An article about the soap-making project can be found in the Rocky Mountain Outlook.  https://sahakarini.org/partners-projects/tanzania-project-shine/

Project Shine members making soap

Nyuat Project SHINE (Tanzania) is a health and sanitation-based project with Maasai pastoralists in the

Ngorongoro Conservation Area of Tanzania. Access to safe water for drinking and washing is essential to health and prosperity; all aspects of sustainable development depend on it The project features two related activities: 1) provision of clean drinking water through installation of approximately 180 biosand filters to provide safe water in homes across 2 communities, and 2) soap making for local community use and to commercially supply local safari lodges under a for-profit enterprise. The 5 years of project funding will conclude in December 2021.
In summer 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic the Nyuat Group switched gears to provide free soap in the local area as a community service. The plan is to resume sales to lodges once tourism improves. In March 2021 the Nyuat team in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area conducted a monitoring and long-term evaluation of the biosand filters. Results were very positive, indicating decreased diarrhea in children and adults, most willingly shared water with families other than their own, and the majority would recommend others buy or receive filters.
Future project possibilities are to install more filters with increased ongoing maintenance or repair based on a pay for service model.
Project motto:
Tuko Pamoja/We Are Together
(Photo credits: Godwin Ole Mshumba used with subject’s permission)

Project Report 2020

The project demonstrated considerable success in its first 3 years. All biosand filters were deployed and used to provide fresh, clean water and single filters, due to their popularity, were rumored to be serving multiple households.  In addition to clean water, local production and widespread community use of soap was needed to achieve desired health and sanitation outcomes.

 Nyuat has successfully demonstrated its ability to produce soap and has also completed preliminary sales to a local lodge and other consumers. In the last year, the project emphasis was to up-scale the soap aspect from a small, volunteer run, community-based project to a formally incorporated soap-making enterprise. The responsibilities that the latter brings (e.g. finances, administration, personnel, and sales and marketing) has proven to be a major hurdle for the group and its current leadership.

While grateful to all who have contributed to the project’s success this far, everyone is in agreement that added management expertise is required to achieve a more assured and successful outcome.  We eagerly and optimistically await Nyuat group’s recommendations to achieving this goal.               

Remember: ‘Nothing worthwhile was ever easy’.

Project motto: Tuko Pamoja/We Are Together  

Remember: ‘Nothing worthwhile was ever easy’.

Project Report July 2020

From Dr. Sheri Bastien (project co-lead)

“Project SHINE is thrilled to announce that we have expanded our hard working team in Ngorongoro to include new leadership through Julius Moses Shangai. Julius was born and raised in Endulen where he completed his primary and secondary education, before being selected to attend Lyamungo High School in Moshi. He subsequently went on to complete a Bachelor of Education at St. Augustine University in Mwanza. After his studies Julius returned to Endulen where he served as a volunteer at a local primary school and went on to establish a nursery school. While Julius’ strong education and entrepreneurial background is an asset, it is his deep passion and commitment to community service and work that benefits the most marginalized that inspires us most. He is quickly learning the ropes when it comes to soap making and integrating well with the group. Welcome aboard Julius, and heartfelt thanks for your close collaboration with Nyuat members including Godwin Olemshumba who nominated you for the position, and who have poured their heart into the project since Day 1. Tupo Pamoja! (We are Together)Link: https://www.facebook.com/projectshineedu/

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