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Nepal: Kathmandu Primary Health Care Clinic

Sahakarini announces a new, two-year project launched in January 2018. The project, in partnership with Friends of Shanta Bhawan Primary Health Care Clinic, will enable the clinic to enhance its pediatric and maternal health care services and achieve ongoing sustainability.

Report April 2020

FSB successfully moved into a new building in a location with a more peaceful and quiet environment. The clinic now has ample space for their patients – children, guardians, and elderly – to feel comfortable while waiting to receive their consultations, treatments and medications. Over the past two years we have scaled up our Pediatric and Gynecological services, all of which are provided at subsidized rates.

The Health Center opened a new Pediatric unit, with prefab nursing rooms, which expanded its clinical capacity to treat women and children. We have also improved the clinic’s equipment and infrastructure, thereby, providing high quality diagnostic and treatment services for our clients. Additional technical improvements included purchasing computers to update patient record keeping and financial systems, resulting in increased accuracy, transparency, and accountability of our funding expenditures.

Report May 2020

Namaste.It’s been long since I haven’t  able to interact with you.Sorry have been kind of idle & busy with all kinds of things going on with this COVID 19 pandemic. At present Kathmandu is still in lock down situation with house stay order by the government till June 2nd. The number of positive cases for corona in Nepal as of right now is believed to have reached 810 , recovered patients are 155 and 4 deaths. The country is still in a stand still mode without any financial or any other types of activities going on which is very sad. All types of health services running by private sectors is still closed. We only have government health services functioning. Lots of Nepalese migrant workers working in India and other countries who want to come back to the country have not been able to return due to various reasons. Even migrant Nepalese workers from India wanting to come back to the country have been stranded in the boarder because of Nepalese Government’s policy. The government has not been able to do much in response to the COVID 19 crisis that we face. It is still a kayos situation here with people frightened the out break of this crisis in Kathmandu and Nepal might be uncontrollable if we do not take the right approach in moving ahead.In my opinion we all need to abide with the guidelines of WHO in controlling this pandemic until we do not have drugs / vaccines available for treatment. Unless and until we practice social distancing, wearing mask and hand wash it is believed that we will not be able to contain this crisis. This is going to be a very big challenge for a country like ours where we lack behind for everything from education to financial status and various services from health to food. We have started our vaccination and TB DOTs program at FSB. We have provided PPE for our health care workers while providing services. We needed to provide the routine vaccination for children because we are aware to the fact that if we do not start this as soon as possible then once abolished diseases might reemerge creating new epidemic. We are trying our best to make our clients aware on the importance on social distancing, wearing mask and hand washing in order to contain this pandemic. We want to run our organization with full fledged services but we have constraint once we over come this we will be running FSB in full capacity.We have lot of challenges at present to save FSB because the revenue or income of the organization is almost zero. Coping with the situation in paying the rent and other expenses is very hard. FSB takes this challenge and may be we will be able to overcome this. We know that delivering care to the deserving marginalized community with honesty will lead us to success one day. We have received the funds transferred by Sahakarini which has been of great importance to FSB and would like to thank you and the Sahakarini family for their generous support. We look forward to receiving Sahakarini’s and any other individual or institutions support to sustain this work for stability. Thanking you and looking forward to receive your support, help and advice as always.
With Best,

Medical Need in Nepal  December 2020

Friends of Shanta Bhawan (FSB) in Kathmandu Nepal, a charitable organization, made an urgent request for funding to resupply their Clinic’s shortages of medicines, dressings and laboratory supplies. The facility daily serves the medical needs of of a marginalized and impoverished local population of 30,000 and assists about 100 patients daily. The pandemic has severely reduced its meager revenue which has greatly reduced its ability to resupply clinical resources. The accompanying videos and photographs highlight the Clinic’s patients, services and facilities. Please help, with your generosity, those who are helping others during these difficult and uncertain times. 

We addressed this specific need as a one time funding for this Primary Health Clinic to address an urgent need.

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